Katrin Krõlov, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management. Katrin is a team lead and project manager of University of Tartu and Selfdiagnostics Deutschland GmbH collaboration, specializing on R&D in molecular diagnostics, clinical trials, in vitro diagnostics devices regulations and intellectual property.

University of Tartu and Selfdiagnostics collaboration is focused on development of rapid, easy-to-use molecular solutions for infectious disease diagnostics. First product developed by the consortium is STD Multitest for rapid detection of common sexually transmitted diseases in a privacy of ones home (https://selfdiagnostics.eu/std-multitest/). Currently the technology is being adapted for fast and affordable SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection (EIT Health sponsored project.


Liina Vaher comes from Civitta, running international projects BIOVOICES (mutual learning and sustainable solutions in bioeconomy), BIOBRIDGES (value chain of bio products) and PROFUTURE (marketing micro-algae based innovative food and feed component), contributing to the boost of bioeconomy and bioproducts in international perspective. Liina supports hackathon participants with knowledge and guiding in bioproduct value chain building and sustainability.

Merike Leego is Innovation Manager at EIT Health Scandinavia, the European Commission funded network that promotes innovation in health sector and brings together stakeholders to implement close-to-market-ideas into everyday healthcare via supporting its financial instruments. She is also coordinator of program RABBIT (https://www.eithealth.eu/rabbit) that stands for improving access of biobanks and quality registries to industry and academia within EIT Health network. Merike Leego has extensive experience in coordinating scientific research projects. She has held position of Marketing Manager and Intellectual Property Manager in several biotech companies in Estonia, and she also reads lecture on bio-entrepreneurship at University of Tartu.

Justin Hein is the coordinator for EIT Food Hub Estonia and a Marketing Manager for BioCC OÜ. Working close to food research and promoting scientific advances outside of Estonia is his main job. With EIT Food Hub Estonia Justin is coordinating that all the ideas related to food from both students and companies would be heard on a European level and so that they would have the support they need to develop even further.

Kalev Kaarna (design thinking coach)
Harald Lepisk (moderator). Harald is an international trainer who helps startups develop their business model and communicate the value of their product. As the moderator of European and Arab Innovation Academy and numerous startup programmes, Harald is able to navigate, pinpoint and develop the critical elements of business ideas. Harald holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management.
Petri-Jaan Lahtvee is a senior scientist and a group leader at the University of Tartu Institute of Technology. His research group is focused on both, computational and wet lab applications of synthetic and systems biology. By combining these approaches, they are working on the fundamental science questions and translating them into industrial biotechnology applications by constructing more efficient producer cells. In particular, they are mainly working with the conventional baker’s yeast as well as other, non-conventional yeast strains and bacteria.
Janely Pae is a project manager at Civitta Eesti AS, where she provides consultations to the public and private sector on R&D strategy planning and expert services related to funding and innovation planning in life sciences, managing bioeconomy, biotechnology, and health/medicine-related projects. Janely has MSc degree in gene technology, a PhD in cell biology, and long-term experience in clinical diagnostics.
Aivar Pere has long experience of coaching and supporting science-based start-ups at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre of the University of Tartu.
Sven Parkel, PhD is the General Manager of Tartu Biotechnology Park (TBP).
His work in TBP supports local businesses and startups in biotechnology and healthcare, offering consulting services, business development in an incubation program and opportunities through project funding through the EU. Sven is the Secretary General of the ScanBalt network which builds and supports the healthtech ecosystem in the Baltic Sea Region.
Sven worked with the Estonian Development Fund to develop the Estonian Smart Specialization strategy in health technologies through mapping the ecosystem and designing measures of support. He is an active member of Estonian startup community where he helps to build up and improve the conditions needed for healthtech startups to thrive.
Liis Lutter graduated from Estonian University of Life Sciences from the field of Food Technologies. After graduating she has been working in the food industry in both product development and food production side. At BioCC OÜ Liis is a Product Development Manager and additionally teaches both microbiology and food product development to the students of Estonian University of Life Sciences.
Indrek Tulp is a founder of SelfDiagnostics, a company that develops and markets medical rapid diagnostic equipment. As a CTO, he managed technology-intensive product development from zero to small-scale production. With a PhD in life sciences and a MBA in entrepreneurship and technology management, he has 15 years of experience in biotechnology and health care sector, involving in R&D projects from drug development to molecular diagnostics, founding several companies with responsibilities in strategic planning and general management. Currently managing ResTA program which focuses on supporting the development of technologies and human capital in the field of potential Estonian resources.
Andres Vaher is helping with promotion and photographing of the BioInnovation Days, otherwise doing all the cool stuff at sTARTUp Lab in Delta.

Marie Külvik is the iDays project manager at Tartu Biotechnology Park.

Liina Joller-Vahter is the founder of the biotech company Power Algae. Their photobioreactors are designed for growing microalgae in Nordic climate and further, the biomass is a valuable source for food, feed, cosmetics, and other industries. Besides being an entrepreneur, Liina is also lecturing the courses of bio-entrepreneurship and innovation management at the University of Tartu.